Transform the industrial workplace through connected safety Technology

Keep your workforce safe and projects productive.

Secure your site with access control, geofences and turnstiles

By harnessing wearable technology, face recognition, and RFID gateways, Smartx HUB offers numerous benefits for access management. Improved productivity is achieved through streamlined access procedures, reducing wait times and enhancing workflow efficiency. Enhanced safety measures ensure that only authorized personnel gain entry to restricted areas, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and potential hazards. Additionally, our solution facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements, providing comprehensive tracking and monitoring capabilities.

EHS Manufacturing 1000 1100 v47
EHS Emergency 1000 x 700 v70

Prevent unauthorized entry & reduce workplace risks

Ensure the safety of your site with Smartx HUb's user-friendly access control software and turnstiles. Our system automatically detects geofences and logs all movements within the site. With every movement, the system stores and verifies worker certifications and licenses across any project. Trust Smartx HUB for seamless access control and comprehensive security solutions.

Our Services

Real-time location

See your entire fleet on a single screen with the live map view. Simply log in and valuable situational information from all your devices is wearables and sensors at your fingertips at once.

Ensure site safety with turnstiles

Safeguard your team or visitors at any project location with a dependable access control system and turnstiles. Rest assured that your jobsite remains secure even in your absence.

Emergency Management

Real-time information availability including emergency procedures and relevant safety documents for machinery operation and product handling.

When speed and visibility are vital to the safety of your team.


Validate worker credentials

Manage thousands of credentials in one, cohesive database- OSHA, SST, Training certifications, and alerts for expirations.


Automate employee attendance

Automate attendance without turnstiles, headcounts, or sign-in sheets to eliminate bottlenecks at entrances.


Streamline site safety

Use smart badges, access control software, heatmaps, and turnstiles to enhance site safety.


Optimized Responses

Comprehensive safety monitoring and mass notifications provide complete and swift control over evacuation and emergency management.
EHS Emergency 1000 x 700 v65
EHS Emergency 1000 x 700 vA12

Empowering Informed Decision-Making and Streamlined Workflows with Integrated Bi-Directional Communication and Emergency Preparedness Solution

Bi-directional communication via a mobile app facilitates informed decision-making at all levels, from workers to management. The integrated system delivers relevant reports, videos, photos, and location-based information on worker status, alongside other systems and data points, generating automated, data-driven workflows. The Emergency Preparedness solution enables comprehensive management of emergency planning, response, and business continuity.

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