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Reducing Costs and Streamlining Safety , : The Impact of Manual Headcounts in Emergency Drills.

Typically, manual headcounts at muster points can consume 45-60 minutes, delaying the assurance of everyone's safety. These drills incur significant costs in terms of labor hours and reduced productivity. For instance, a one-hour drill involving 200 workers, with an average overhead cost of $50 per hour, amounts to $20,000 per drill. Extending this calculation to 400 workers yields a $80,000 loss annually per facility. These figures exclude productivity losses from downtime and higher-cost contractors on-site, resulting in substantial expenses across multiple worksites.

EHS Emergency 1000 x 700 v63
EHS Emergency 1000 x 700 v70

Plan, train, communicate , and implement emergency prevention and response.

With the Smartx HUb Platform, team leaders gain comprehensive visibility during drills through a network of connected devices assigned to each crew member. These personal monitoring devices enable targeted emergency notifications for individuals, teams, or the entire site, facilitating precise direction to specific muster points (e.g., MUSTER B UNSAFE - GOTO BACKUP). Additionally, teams can deploy beacons at muster points, allowing devices to ping the GPS location in a safety meeting point upon arrival, eliminating the need for manual headcounts.

In case of a missing person, their precise location is tracked, minimizing unnecessary searches. Simply consult the area map in our online portal, Smartx HUB Live, to access near real-time visibility of each individual's location.

Our Services

Real-time location

See your entire fleet on a single screen with the live map view. Simply log in and valuable situational information from all your devices is wearables and sensors at your fingertips at once.

SOS Responses

If an alert is received, easily view the type, status, and location in real-time to help quickly find a worker in distress and understand the hazards they face.

Emergency Management

Real-time information availability including emergency procedures and relevant safety documents for machinery operation and product handling.

When speed and visibility are vital to the safety of your team.


Next-level safety

Evacuation drills and preparation exercises can be disruptive and time-consuming. Traditionally, the overhead costs and lost productivity associated with preparing for emergency scenarios have been accepted as unavoidable business expenses.pliance is no longer sufficient.


Unmatched visibility

Until now, there hasn't been an efficient way to manage and improve evacuation drills while still adequately preparing team members for real emergencies. Our innovative solutions streamline these processes, reducing disruption and maintaining high levels of preparedness.


Evacuation Efficiency with GPS-Enabled

Our GPS-enabled connected safety devices, coupled with online monitoring software, make it possible to visualize each individual’s location throughout an evacuation, helping to accelerate response times and streamline the process of accounting for the wellbeing of each person.


Optimized Responses

Comprehensive safety monitoring and mass notifications provide complete and swift control over evacuation and emergency management.
EHS Emergency 1000 x 700 v65
EHS Oil 1100 900 v10

Empowering Informed Decision-Making and Streamlined Workflows with Integrated Bi-Directional Communication and Emergency Preparedness Solution

Bi-directional communication via a mobile app facilitates informed decision-making at all levels, from workers to management. The integrated system delivers relevant reports, videos, photos, and location-based information on worker status, alongside other systems and data points, generating automated, data-driven workflows. The Emergency Preparedness solution enables comprehensive management of emergency planning, response, and business continuity.

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