Transform the industrial workplace through connected safety Technology

Keep your workforce safe and projects productive.

Ensure your workforce or trade partners are safe and projects productive with a real-time location system.

SmartX HUB’s Real-Time Location System helps organizations safeguard their team members by improving their safety, reducing the time necessary for mustering and rescue operations, increasing security and streamlining location workhours reconciliation.
Gain workflow and workspace optimization based on indoor location intelligence, workforce condition, and workspace utilization using our real-time location system for employees

EHS Manufacturing 1000 1100 v47
EHS Emergency 1000 x 700 v70

Track Critical Path Activities with Zone Management and Heatmaps

Ensure safety and productivity on your jobsite with our real-time workforce management tools. Always know who is on site, receive immediate insights and alerts, and automate headcount and work hour validation using real-time location data.

Optimize site management by tracking high-risk zones, identifying bottlenecks, and monitoring critical path activities with zone management and heatmaps. Our comprehensive solutions enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity, ensuring seamless workforce monitoring and management. Focus on delivering successful projects with confidence.

Our Services

Real-time location

See your entire fleet on a single screen with the live map view. Simply log in and valuable situational information from all your devices is wearables and sensors at your fingertips at once.

Heatmaps and Zone Management

Heatmaps visualize employee movements, highlighting high-traffic areas and potential bottlenecks. Zone management focuses monitoring on high-risk or critical areas, enhancing safety and productivity.

Trajectory Analysis

The continuous tracking data is securely stored and can be accessed for historical analysis, providing a detailed log of employee movements over time.

Automated Headcount and Validation

The system automates headcount and validates work hours, eliminating manual processes and ensuring accurate attendance records. Real-time location data validates work hours, ensuring payroll integrity and labor regulation compliance.

Enhanced Safety Measures

The system can be configured to send alerts if an employee for enters a restricted or hazardous area, allowing for quick intervention and prevention of potential accidents. This real-time alert reinforces compliance with safety regulations and procedures.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

he platform generates detailed reports and analytics, offering insights into employee movements,zone activities, and safety compliance. These insights help improve safety protocols and operational efficiency.

When speed and visibility are vital to the safety of your team.


Gain real-time workforce management tools & alerts

Know who is on your jobsite at all times so your project is safe and productive. Unlock real-time insights and alerts.

Automate headcount and validate work hours

Automate manual check-in/out times and validate work hours on the job using real-time location.

Track critical path activities with zone management and heatmaps

Manage and flag high-risk zones, catch bottlenecks, and find critical path activities.

Unlock heatmaps & visualize workforce operations

Unlock data-driven heatmaps of your construction site. Learn how your workforce operates through behavior.
EHS Emergency 1000 x 700 v65
EHS Analytics 1000 x 700 vA15

Optimize Workforce Operations with Heatmaps

Gain valuable insights into your workforce's activities and movements with real-time heatmaps. Visualize work patterns and identify areas of congestion to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Create high-risk zones and receive instant notifications to stay informed about critical areas and ensure immediate response to potential safety hazards.

Utilize behavior patterns to spot issues and predict delays, anticipating problems before they escalate to keep your project on track for successful completion.

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