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Employee Safety & Reduce Risk with Fast, Accurate Temperature Screening

Employee & visitor temperature screening has only become more critical as many state and local governments require return-to-work guidelines, and COVID-19 response planning is established. Regulatory and health associations such as OSHA, EEOC, and the CDC include temperature screening as an essential procedure in facilities now.

As we move forward toward the re-opening of the economy and physical workplaces, many health and safety considerations will need to be made.

Virtually all medical professionals — and medical bodies from America’s Centers for Disease Control to the World Health Organization — emphatically say Access Control and Contact tracing is a crucial part of the four-pronged plan for returning the world to normal: test, trace, isolate, manage.

Fast, Touch-free Temperature Scanner

In case a sick individual does attempt entry, you should avoid skin-to-device contact and process symptom assessments quickly so ill individuals can be removed. 

The Temperature Screening Displays and Terminals is a hands-free, touchless device. The temperature screening terminal is so fast, and it reads an individual’s temperature in approximately 2 seconds. If abnormal body temperature is detected, an automatic alarm will activate. 

The alarm feature is an obvious trigger to the staff monitoring the area that the scanned individual was outside your temperature threshold and should not be allowed to enter.

Enterprise Package 1

Mask Compliance

Our Platform not only measures accurate body temperatures but also can detect if a person is wearing a face mask. It is built on an access control platform and is designed to prohibit or allow access with a combination of fever detection, mask detection, facial recognition, and/or IC cards.

The thermal camera can help reduce the load on employees that are returning to work by providing an initial screening of people that are entering the building, even reminding them to wear their masks. The system logs all mask compliance and can block the guest entrance in case it is not wearing a mask.

Of course, the setting of “Wearing a mask or not ” can be based on an officer’s preference to adjust.

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