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Thermal Camera Screening

SmartX thermal temperature screening provides a range of solutions to suit your business needs. All are easy to install and easy to use and can be up and running in minutes, installed in lobbies, hallways and other key access points to help businesses, institutions and venues provide a safer environment for staff, customers and visitors.

Is it HIPAA compliant? 

The Platform and Terminal have not been validated against HIPAA. The Personally Identifiable information is Guests: Picture (if enabled by user) + temperature + time. For Recognition mode: Picture + Employee Number + Temperature Reading + Employee Name +Time of entry. The intent of the the SmartX HUB Platform is for building access / security, it’s not intended to be used for patient diagnosis. 

Similarly, it does not manage or create an EHR System, it only records access granted events, date and time of people with a nominal temperature. The system will not log access events for people who were turned away with an abnormal temperature. Face recognition would recognize known people, but only if they had been setup with an employee ID, name, and photo for face recognition in advance.

Our solution can be set-up by user in a “private mode” where there is no face database no name stored, just an entry time and a temperature. This would be the same amount of information as you would get from a security camera or door access system.

Do you have any Recommendation?

  • Be aware of all EEOC, ADA, HIPAA and FDA regulatory requirements that could affect how you use this solution.
  • Keep in mind any legal obligations as you evaluate and process people’s temperature data.
  • Review, understand and follow CDC guidelines applicable to your business.


Is it FCC compliant?

Yes. Attestation of conformity available on request.

Is the unit CE approved?

Yes. Attestation of conformity available on request.

Is there a setting that does not show the temperatures?

Yes on the Terminal side—it can record temperature and time of all who were Screening. It is possible to not show the temperature at the Display and in cloud is possible to hide it also. Only 1 Million  of scan history is retained on the device.

How do you calibrate the infrared readings on the Terminal?

The terminal does the calibration automatic and needs 10 minutes do adjust the calibration after turned on.

Do you have any Disclaimers?

Yes. We disclose the following:

  • SmartX solution is only to be used to perform a preliminary scan.
  • SmartX provides only the forehead skin temperature.
  • SmartX can not detect internal core temperature, however it presents a reference level and enables the user to catch abnormal temperature

Can the Smart Terminal support WiFi? 

Yes! We will provide guidance on how to access your wifi of choice from the kiosk.

How about LAN access?

Yes, we’ve got that covered too using Ethernet Cable! You can set-up DHCP fixed IP and Gateway or automatic IP.

Does the Terminal require the cloud or internet to do face recognition?

Yes to upload the faces!  You can store up to 25,000 faces  on the device itself and no internet connection is needed after upload the faces.

How do I enter my WiFi password?

You can use the Terminal interface and/or the Cloud to set-up the WiFi password.

Is it SIM Card capable – LTE?

Yes. Purchasing an external LTE/4G router or Hotspot, you could definitely could make use of a cellular network for internet.

If I have two devices or more devices can faces be shared between devices?

Yes, you can do so via Cloud and you can create specific Groups per Device.

Can it integrate with my existing system?

Yes, SmartX do have an API available, we recommend checking in with a developer for integration with specific systems. We have API to bulk upload Faces and Profiles.

How much does the Cloud Subscription Service cost? 

Our Cloud Subscription Service starts with $33 per month per device.

** If you choose our annual subscription option, you will save 10% per month!**

The basic Cloud Service package permits an user to extract/export information that’s been captured on the unit on-line, allow the bulk export of employees or visitors, enable the ability to remotely adjust settings or reset the terminal, and much more.

To know more about our packages, visit :

How do I connect my Thermal Terminal to the server?

Once you’ve purchased our Cloud Subscription Service, you will be emailed within 24 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) with the credencials to access the Cloud. SmartX will provide you with thorough instructions on how to connect your Terminal to your assigned server, so please make sure our emails aren’t being blacklist or going to your spam folders.

a) You activate the Network access at the terminal

b) Check the Serial Number and inform the Cloud server address as the Manual

c) Activate the Serial Number at the Cloud

And that’s it!

Can I get email alerts?

Email alerts are a feature of our Cloud Subscription Service Advanced Package. Once set up, you will be sent an email when a user tries to enter your facility and/or has an abnormal temperature. You can add rules based on Location and people category.

Can I get SMS alerts?

Yes, SMS alerts are a feature of our Cloud Subscription Service Advanced Package. We have 2 SMS authorized provides and you need to create an account and set-up the Cloud. You can send SMS to more than 100 Countries.

Can I see real-time data?

Once the Terminal has been successfully connected to the server, real time data is available when logged in.

Can I view data remotely?

All data from the Terminal is sync to your server, thus enabling you to view any and all data remotely. This includes employee profiles, visitor profiles, pass records, device settings, and more!

Can I put multiple Terminals under 1 Cloud (server)?

Yes. Please do note that our subscription service is per device. If you’d like to add multiple Terminal under 1 server instance, you will need to purchase multiple subscriptions as well. Once you have done so, we will approve your account and you will be able to add the other devices to your server within 24 hours.

Can I set up multiple user logins?

Yes! You can create new roles templates (to prevent access to administrator settings), and new users as well. Users can update their passwords once they log in.

We provide the user management per Location or Site.

Can I export data directly from the server?

Once your data has been synced from your Terminal to your server, you will be able to pull data off of it at any time you wish. Just login to your Cloud account, select the time range you wish to export data from and format (PDF or Excel)! The same goes for employee information, visitor information, and more.

Exact instructions and tutorial videos on how to accomplish this are provided upon purchase.

Is my information secure?

Absolutely! Data is HTTPS encrypted  at SmartX Cloud Subscription Service. The encryption means that data that’s stored behind the firewall, in our data center, is encrypted and safe.

How is data encrypted?

We use Google Cloud as our backbone and cloud storage.

Where is the data hosted?

Our data is hosted in the US with a Cloud Provider (Google Cloud).

How do I cancel my Cloud Subscription Service?

You may cancel your subscription at any time provided that you contact us at least 24 hours before your next billing date.

Can you extract/export the information that’s been captured on the unit on a daily basis with the current set up?

Yes, you can do it online via our Cloud Subscription Service.

Can I export data from the Terminal  if I don’t use the SmartX Cloud Services?

No! You need to go into the Access Record menu and click Export; it will then copy export records for all device based on your filter criteria (Dates, Locations, Category). 

What data will be exported?

The following data will be exported onto an XLS or PDF sheet:

Location Name
Mac Address
Device Name
Employee/Staff ID
Employee/Staff Name
Transit time
Type (Employee/Guest)
Snapshot of Guest/Employee (according on settings)
Mask Compliance (according on settings)

Does the Thermal Terminal work outside?

It is possible, but not recommended. If using outside, please keep in a shaded area. Make sure to wait 10 minutes before temperature readings. Sun light at the device can give calibration problems.

My Company is very hot in the summer, does this impact performance?

Yes, if you do not protect the device and place it at the sun. People that came from outside my get hot temperature and need to do a second check after 1-2 minutes.

Will the Thermal Terminal notify a person that has a high temperature?

Yes. It has human voice and message at the screen. Additional Alarm can me set to give beep when abnormal temperature is detected.

How will I be notified if someone had a high temperature?

There are 2 ways you can be notified.

  • Standalone

By an alert (sound and lights), denied access to a door or gate if integrated with a door or gate.

  • Cloud Based

All messages at the Terminal Standalone above and via an email notification, SMS, Internal System Message and JSON file to integrate with external system.

Does the Terminal need any type of maintenance, calibration or software updates?

No need to do calibrations. But it is possible to do Remote Firmware Updates or using a Ethernet Cable.

Can I upgrade the User Interface?

Yes! We may intermittently issue updates to our UI. Currently the best way to do this is with the Cloud Terminal Configuration or transfer over your local network through your own internet browser.

Can I upgrade the Terminal Screen Save images?

Yes, you can do it using your internet browser. The Terminal supports 10 screen saver images.

How long does it take to recognize a face?

With a small database 1-2 seconds, if you add 2000’s of faces it may a bit take longer.

How many faces can it recognize?


Does facial recognition work with and without masks?

Yes, facial recognition will work with or without a mask.

Is it possible to block the access without mask?

You can turn on a mode (Block Mask Compliance) which will enforce wearing of a mask (i.e. medical mask). This enforcement mode is optional.

How many Terminal devices will I need?

A single device can scan approximately 15-20 people per minute, assuming social distancing rules are respected. Your needs may vary based on the total number of people you have entering and the rate at which people enter at the facility’s entry points over a given period of time.

What is the temperature variance?

Readings may vary from ±0.9° F under normal conditions. These devices aren’t intended to be used to make a medical diagnosis, but make an excellent initial screening device.

What is the accuracy of the thermal imaging camera?

The 1:1 comparison recognition rate is more than 99.7%, the 1:N comparison recognition rate is more than 97.7%@0.1% misrecognition rate, and the live detection accuracy rate is 98.3%@0.1% misrejectionrate.

What is the distance at which the Terminal can detect a face?

The device has a measuring distance of about 3 feet. Closer configuration increases the accuracy.

Does it save a picture of the employee?

To recognize a face it must store the face of the employee. It also will record an image of the employee (or stranger, if stranger record mode is enabled). The image from the Terminal can be disable for not store images in the Cloud.

Scan history images will be saved at the Cloud.  Clientes or Employee images for the purpose of face recognition are retained until the employee is removed.

Does the Terminal save a picture of a stranger?

Yes it can. However, is possible to configure in Off mode at the device side.

How does the Terminal handle facial recognition?

It stores a photo of the face in a database, it uses Infrared technology to illuminate the face and does analysis on the facial features. In addition to recognizing the features it also needs to be a valid temperature so it must be a “living body”.

Can the Terminal prevent someone from entering a building?

Our Terminal comes with relay cables that will connect to almost any Weigand Security Protocol. Once a person is scanned with a high temperature, it will deny access to the premises. 

Is the Terminal able record people that are turned away for the Terminal?


Is the temperature reading displayable on the screen?

Yes. It’s displayed on screen, you can turn it off.

Will it hold multiple profiles per person – beard, glasses, no glasses, etc?

There is currently only 3 photo per person permitted. It increases a change for face recognition with Glass and Mask.

Where do they take the temperature from forehead or tear ducts?

The Terminal first detects the face with face detection then takes an IR temperature reading. The reading will take the warmest temperature on the face be it the center of the head.

Can the Terminal operate in other languages?

The Terminal supports 12 languages including English, simplified Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian,  Spanish, French, Arabic, Korean, Portuguese, Portuguese from Brazil.

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