Incident Management solution puts emphasis on risk management and prevention

Reduce risks with data-driven preventive and corrective measures

The system enables thorough incident investigation, risk assessment, and root cause analysis to create effective corrective actions and accurate documentation. Detailed incident reports provide actionable insights and improve decision-making.

The Incident Management solution supports real-time reporting of accidents, injuries, and events via a dedicated mobile app with bidirectional communication, real-time push notifications, pictures, and location tracking. The one-click escalation feature ensures immediate status updates to all relevant teams for a swift and accurate response.

EHS Incident 1000 1100 v53

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Dynamic Risk Assessment and Escalation Based on Incident Severity

Ensures that high-severity incidents receive immediate attention and appropriate escalation , improving response times and mitigating risks effectively.

Prevent Incident Case Closure Until All Action Items Are Complete

Guarantees thorough resolution of incidents by ensuring all corrective and preventive actions are fully implemented before closing the case, reducing the likelihood of future issues.

Record and Review Incidents in Detail

Provides a comprehensive understanding of each incident by covering all aspects , including procedures, property, environment, and personnel, leading to more effective incident management.

Capture In-Depth Incident Investigation, Risk Assessment, and Root Cause Analysis

Facilitates comprehensive understanding and documentation of incidents , leading to more informed decision-making and improved risk management strategies.

Actively Manage Corrective and Preventive Actions

Ensures that all necessary steps are taken to address the root causes of incidents, preventing recurrence and enhancing overall safety and compliance. This approach creates a safer work environment, reduces future risks, and ensures adherence to regulatory standards.

Data-Driven Actionable Insights for Improved Response

Leverages detailed incident data to provide actionable insights , enhancing the effectiveness of response strategies and overall safety management.

EHS Emergency 1000 x 700 vA120

Enhancing Incident Investigation with Connected Worker Solutions

Connected worker solutions improve incident investigation by enabling real-time data collection and instant communication. Detailed documentation with photos, videos, and location data ensures thorough analysis. Integration with analytics tools quickly identifies patterns and root causes, leading to effective corrective actions. This approach enhances safety compliance, reduces penalties, and streamlines the investigation process, resulting in faster resolution and minimized operational disruptions.

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