Transform the industrial workplace through connected safety Technology

Keep your workforce safe and projects productive.

Delivering comprehensive visuals, data, and communication to swiftly manage and contain emergency situations.

Designed for lone workers, Loner Mobile communicates directly with monitoring personnel for optimized emergency responses. Send location-based notes and trigger SOS alerts instantly for seamless safety.
Before entering any site, building, or client's home, lone workers can send location-based notes to the monitoring infrastructure, providing valuable context about their surroundings, activities, and risk level. With a configurable check-in timer, Loner Mobile ensures ongoing well-being by notifying monitoring personnel of any exceptions via safety alerting.

EHS Lone Work 1000 x 700 vA1
EHS Lone 1000 1100 v52

Move from reactive to proactive lone worker safety always.

Ensure the Safety of Your Mobile Workforce" "From healthcare workers conducting home visits to surveyors inspecting sites and utility workers operating in remote areas, SmartX HUB Lone APP ensures real-time safety monitoring for your teams in any environment.

Our Services

Real-time location

See your entire fleet on a single screen with the live map view. Simply log in and valuable situational information from all your devices is wearables and sensors at your fingertips at once.

SOS Responses

If an alert is received, easily view the type, status, and location in real-time to help quickly find a worker in distress and understand the hazards they face.

Emergency Management

Real-time information availability including emergency procedures and relevant safety documents for machinery operation and product handling.

When speed and visibility are vital to the safety of your team.


Intuitive Interface

 Our app offers frontline workers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to activate a duress alarm, confirm check-ins, and notify leaders of any issues.


Employee-Activated Location Visibility

With SmartX HUB Lone App, location visibility is activated solely by employees, ensuring their personal privacy is always protected.


Customizable Notification Workflows

Customize automated notification workflows to ensure alerts reach the appropriate team leaders promptly and reliably.


Dynamic Dashboard

Critical information is fed into one dynamic dashboard, simplifying the management and reporting of lone worker activities for enhanced efficiency and oversight.

EHS Lone 1000 1100 v51
EHS Oil 1100 900 v10

Give teams a simple tool they can trust

We designed our app to be user-friendly for frontline workers, offering intuitive features for activating a duress alarm, confirming check-ins, and notifying leaders of unexpected situations.
With SmartX HUB Lone App, location visibility is solely activated by employees, ensuring their personal privacy is always protected.

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