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Screening Kiosks for the Education Institutions

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The Temperature Screening Process could prove invaluable in many education settings including schools, nurseries, colleges, and universities.

The benefit of using temperature scanning with face recognition technology does change depending on the phase of education, mainly due to the age of students. 

However, what must not be underestimated is their ability to act as carriers. Given their daily close proximity to teachers and staff, they could inadvertently pose a genuine threat to the health of educational personnel. By checking the temperature of both staff members and pupils, educational institutions safeguard their staff members, while ensuring employee levels are maintained at levels necessary to run their school or college safely.

What Are Temperature-Screening Management Kiosks?

Temperature Screening Kiosks with body temperature monitoring and facial recognition technology can be used in a variety of settings to ensure the health of everyone within that specific building. These non-contact, fully-automated kiosks can read the temperature of an individual standing in front of the device within one second, identifying those with a high and abnormal temperature.

While our Temperature Screening Kiosk devices are not medical devices and cannot confirm whether an individual has COVID-19 or another virus, it’s been widely accepted by leading health bodies such as the CDC and the NHS that high temperature (fever) is one the most common symptoms associated with the novel coronavirus. By denying entry to those with high temperatures, business owners can protect the health security of their workplace while those with a high-temperature self-isolate and wait for a diagnosis.


The smartx HUB' solution

The Smartx HUB’ Temperature Screening Kiosk may come in the form of a company-wide track and trace system that can both ensure the safety of employees and help offices and workplaces remain open in the case of a positive test within the building.

The SmartX HUB dashboard provides real-time insight and reporting. Accessible only by authorised administrative users, a full, up-to-date history of visitor, staff and students activity is provided. Simple graphs display key information and tailored reports can be produced in a couple of clicks.

  •  Mobile device friendly
  •  Integration with School management systems
  •  Automatically syncs information with Kiosk device
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keep the education institutions safe

In the future when COVID-19 is much less prevalent, many organisations may continue to check temperatures as standard practice, as an abnormal temperature is a symptom of general illness and other viruses. It may become the norm for organisations to take a stronger position on preventing illness spreading in the workplace, even if the illnesses are lower risk such as the common flu.


Positives of Temperature Scanning Terminal

What’s really nice about them is their automated interaction.

  • It’s simple voice commands. You walk up to the device, you see your face inside of a silhouette, they give you a green light or red light. Additionally they’re cost effective. In comparison to the other solutions like a mass temperature scanner. There is no physical contact needed to use our solutions.
  •  Our kiosk scanning process on one individual standing in front of the device takes approximately 3 seconds. You also need to consider that if you’ve got a large group of people entering the space, say in a school, you’re going to need to consider the walk-up time to the device.  So we actually say that the device takes approximately 8 seconds to move from one person to the next. And in that case, you can get about 350 to 400 scans per hour.
  • The SmartX Terminal can be tied to a door access control system. If you do have a vestibule, your deployment and your office could tie-in to the internal vestibule door. The intent there will be in order to even enter the space, even if you have a card access, you’ll swipe your card, you’ll get your temperature measured, and as long as you’re in the green zone, and you get a thumbs up, that door will unlock for a few seconds for you to pull the door open and enter the space.
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