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temperature screening Application for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world

Our client  are committed to operating sustainably and addressing our social and ethical responsibilities. Employees with a passion for innovation enjoy excellent development opportunities at the client.

So, the client had a need to create a safe work environment so that employees would feel comfortable returning to work amidst workers’ concern being infected by co-workers carrying the Cornavirus.

The client had tested numerous thermal camera solutions designed to detect elevated body temperature, but the client remained dissatisfied with everything they had tested.

They operate from a dozen industries throughout Brazil.

Terminal 1X 540 x 360

Why are temperature checks vital in the industrial sector?

The biggest challenge was how to ensure the client’s employees that the client’s workplace was indeed safe and that it was unlikely anyone inside was sick.

It would be far too expensive and intrusive to employ medical doctors to subject each of the client’s thousands of employees to a Coronavirus test. It would also be too expensive to contract a security service firm to carry client-issued thermometers and scan every employee entering the workplace.

The devices are connected to LEDs so that the employees and nearby attendants can be alerted whenever an employee is detected having an elevated body temperature.

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Why Smartx HUB’IS So Crucial

As employees are often working in close proximity, industrial workplaces such as factories, manufacturing plants and warehouses have been redefining their working environments and putting new measures in place to ensure the health and safety of their workforce. Employee temperature checks are an additional measure which can reduce the anxiety of staff and put employers at ease.

Temperature scanning kiosks can be used on entrance to your facilities to scan for abnormal temperatures and mask detection. If using mask detection, individuals not wearing a mask will be instructed to do so and must re-scan before entering.

Compared with handheld thermometers, temperature kiosks are a more effective solution as a staff member is not required to operate the kiosks, therefore no one is put at risk and you will save on resources too. The temperature scan takes around a second, meaning no delays for employees at the start of their shift. 

Contact tracing

Full logs including date and time of entry and temperature reading can be stored which enables fast and effective contact tracing. Our client can easily implement track and trace, finding out and notifying those who have been in the facilities on a certain day should an individual test positive for COVID-19.

Positives of Temperature Scanning KIOSK

What’s really nice about them is their automated interaction.

  • It’s simple voice commands. You walk up to the device, you see your face inside of a silhouette, they give you a green light or red light. Additionally they’re cost effective. In comparison to the other solutions like a mass temperature scanner. There is no physical contact needed to use our solutions.
  •  Our kiosk scanning process on one individual standing in front of the device takes approximately 3 seconds. You also need to consider that if you’ve got a large group of people entering the space, say in a school, you’re going to need to consider the walk-up time to the device.  So we actually say that the device takes approximately 8 seconds to move from one person to the next. And in that case, you can get about 350 to 400 scans per hour.
  • The SmartX Terminal can be tied to a door access control system. If you do have a vestibule, your deployment and your office could tie-in to the internal vestibule door. The intent there will be in order to even enter the space, even if you have a card access, you’ll swipe your card, you’ll get your temperature measured, and as long as you’re in the green zone, and you get a thumbs up, that door will unlock for a few seconds for you to pull the door open and enter the space.
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Proper Use of Temperature Screening Kiosk

  • The person who handles the system should follow all manufacturer instructions to make sure the system is set up properly and located where it can measure surface skin temperature accurately.

  • The person who handles the system should be trained to properly prepare both the location where the system will be used, and the person being evaluated, to increase accuracy.

  • The FDA issued the Enforcement Policy for Telethermographic Systems During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency guidance to help expand the availability of thermal imaging systems and mitigate thermometer shortages during the public health emergency. The guidance sets forth an enforcement policy that is intended to apply to all thermal imaging systems that are intended for medical purposes for the duration of the public health emergency related to COVID-19, and provides recommendations regarding performance and labeling of such systems.
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