Onboard, train, and upskill your team with Ease

Engage your teams and pinpoint issues early

Deliver health and safety training, such as HACCP and ASSP, to your teams more efficiently. Use analytics to identify knowledge gaps, allowing you to optimize training in real-time before issues or liabilities arise. Our learning management system simplifies enhancing your training courses with engaging features, ensuring effective and impactful learning.

EHS Upskill 1000 1100 v03

Our Services

Keep track of your team’s qualifications

Save all of your team’s training, licenses and certificates in one place. Keep track of which ones are valid, expired, or expiring soon so you know who needs to renew or update their qualifications, and so does each individual team member.

Make training a part of your improvement movement

Give your frontline everything they need to act, observe, and learn from the Smartx HUB platform. Make training a part of how your team mitigates risk and improves every day. Create behavioral change with Training.

Transform Your SOPs and Safe Work Documents into Interactive Training

The platform's analytics provide insights into employee progress and knowledge retention , enabling you to address gaps and optimize training effectiveness in real-time. This seamless conversion process saves time, reduces training costs, and ultimately leads to a safer, more efficient workplace.

EHS Emergency 1000 x 700 vA120

Interactive and Accessible Training for Enhanced Safety Compliance

With our system, your SOPs and safe work documents can be transformed into interactive formats that enhance learning and engagement. Employees can access these training modules on any device, allowing them to complete their training at their own pace and convenience. This method not only improves comprehension but also ensures that safety standards are consistently upheld across your organization.

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