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Fast, Touch-free Temperature Reading

The Temperature Screening Terminal is a hands-free, touchless device.

The temperature screening terminal is so fast, it reads an individual’s temperature in approximately 2 second. If an abnormal body temperature is detected, an automatic alarm will activate.

The alarm triggers the staff in the monitoring area that the scanned individual was outside your temperature threshold and should not be allowed to enter.

Kiosks with Temperature Measurement & Facial Recognition

Desktop 10 in with RFID and QR Reader Normal

Mounting and Configuration

  • Desk mount
  • Wall mount
  • Pole mount
  • Freestanding floor mount
  • Surface (No mount, fix directly to existing surface)

10.1 inch Display Individual Thermal Scanner

Body Temperature & Mask Detection

Developed with the latest innovations in Automated AI Temperature Screening Technology, Smartx HUB is the fastest and most cost effective way to protect employees and guests while easily complying with current mandates.  
  • 10.1-inch IPS full-view LCD display – non-touch Commercial-grade, ruggedised design which is stable and durable
  • Built-in speakers provide verbal alerts including warnings for abnormal temperatures and/or individuals not wearing a mask
  • This device offers a multi-frequency RFID reader that is compatible with a wide range of technologies including MiFare and a QR Code Reader.
  • Database capacity for 30,000 faces
  • Supports recognition and comparison of faces with surgical masks The devices support 1:1 and 1:N face comparison and retrieval
  • An alarm will sound, notifying users if their temperature reading exceeds 100.4° Fahrenheit or 37.8° Celsius to alert the user that they have a fever. The alarm threshold can be easily adjusted..

4 configurations: desktop stand, wall mount, floor stand  or gate mount.

The UI and device appearance may differ to what is shown

Untitled 1

Mounting and Configuration

  • Desk mount
  • Wall mount
  • Pole mount
  • Freestanding floor mount
  • Surface (No mount, fix directly to existing surface)
English VX T3
Desktop removebg preview 1
English VX T4

8 Inches DISPLAY Individual Thermal Scanner

Body Temperature & Mask Detection

With the AI advanced face mask detection feature can recognize people that are wearing masks and still provide an accurate temperature reading.

  • Facial recognition without any objects interruption
  • Ultra-large capacity of facial templates for 1:N verification: 30,000 (standard)
  • Register the visitors with the data of wearing mask or not for compliance audit and statistics
  • 100% contactless thermometer with voice prompts
  • Ability to turn on/off the audible alarm so as not to alienate any individuals
  • Anti-spoofing algorithm against print attack (laser, color and B/W photos), videos attack, and 3D mask attack
  • Facial recognition with face mask & Stranger mode
  • Network or standalone mode (LAN or Wi-Fi Connectivity)
  • Data protection (HTTPS) in transit to protection of this data while it’s traveling from Kiosk to network and being transferred a cloud storage
  • Upload Employees photos and names using your Smartphone (support Apple-iOS and Android)
  • Automatic email notification on over-temperature using Advanced Cloud Packages
  • Customizable temp. thresholds, instant “Normal / Abnormal” indication and verbal feedback
  • Connected to Central Cloud Platform, allow to do monitor remotely

The UI and device appearance may differ to what is shown

Personnel kiosks with temperature check and facial recognition

Touchless Entrance Control Solution with
Body Temperature Measurement

  • Adhere to thermal sensor state and local guidelines
  • NEW PRIVACY FEATURE: Hide Temperature and Snapshot
  • 1-year standard warranty
  • Network or standalone mode
  • Thermal Scanner reads temperature in less than 2 seconds from up to 3 feet away
  • On-screen message displays temperature reading with optional verbal message and traffic light style LEDs
  • Instant email alerts for abnormal temperature readings or individuals not wearing a mask
  • Automatic ID badge printing for visitors and staff
  • Optional facial recognition to recognize and allow entry to vetted individuals within the facial database
  • Built-in RFID AND QR Code reader for entry using access control cards/fobs
  • Integrate with gates, turnstiles and door access
  • Plug and play solution – can operate standalone with power only
  • Access and export your logs to excel
  • CDC questionnaires – coming soon!

The UI and device appearance may differ to what is shown

Kiosk with Stand. Small

Sign Thermal Screening Display Solutions for Indoor Applications

Slim C1 T1B

Banner Poster Kiosk

Automated AI Temperature Screening System
with Banner Poster Kiosk

Make an impact with Thermal Scanner Kiosk for an upcoming marketing conference, trade show or any event to display your brand marketing message. Wherever your adventure takes you, Post Up Stand displays can ignite your audience with impressive Fever Scanner Displays.

VX Poster Displays give the perfect branding impression for your events. Need help in designing? Our graphic design experts are available to work with you.

The UI and device appearance may differ to what is shown

Illuminated Portable Stand Kiosk

Advanced Thermal Imaging Technology with
Illuminated Kiosk

Your presence will attract the crowd and add a touch of brilliance with the VX Backlit Light Floor Display. With custom printed banners and LED lights, your business and/or promotion will shine bright with this backlit kiosk!

Wide angle beams are built into the strong frame of the LED backlit box, and it makes it easy to install and remove for as many replacement graphics as you wish and a seamless, professional look. Multiple Widths and one- or two-sided graphics available.

LED Lights: beautiful glow and energy efficient.

The UI and device appearance may differ to what is shown

Foto 1A

Thermal Screen Digital Poster Kiosk

Automated AI Temperature Screening System
with Digital Poster Kiosk

Provide your audience with an unforgettable interactive experience with this digital poster featuring an Windows operating system. An exciting alternative to traditional print signage, this multimedia kiosk is durable enough for even the most high traffic areas with a tempered glass panel covering the LCD screen. Your content is easy to upload via the content management software through cloud application and data storage over WiFi.

Four locking wheels means your touch screen digital poster kiosk will be secure, providing your audience with a multimedia experience they won’t forget.

The UI and device appearance may differ to what is shown

Automated AI Temperature Screening System

See SmartX HUB AIoT in action!

Help your business determine presence of elevated temperature with employees, visitors, staff, students, or attendees entering your facility.

The SmartX Suite provides you with data insights that improve decision making in resource planning,
operations, quality control and SAFETY.

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