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Workforce Management Platform Suite in Cloud, for all your needs!

The SmartX HUB  Platform is an integrated, cloud based solution, ideal for managing all the aspects linked with staff working hours and safety. It includes staff attendance and absence management, access control, production data collection, staff location and shift management. 

It is a Cloud Platform with a wealth of functions that adapts to companies of any sector and size.

Each application in the Platform can be integrated with the other external applications.

SmartX HUB  Platform has a single database so that integrated processes can be built, according to the client’s needs. The single database ensures full integration of the various software modules, thus allowing optimization of processes and simplicity in obtaining information when needed.

The information is made available at various company levels according to a detailed, highly customizable system that visualizes the workforce, grouped data and specific reporting.

The interface, which is common to all the applications, is particularly intuitive and efficient; it s developed with the goal of simplifying times and modes of use. All the services are in a unique dashboard.

Contact tracing

SmartX contact tracing is about identifying, informing, and monitoring people who might have come in contact with a person who has been diagnosed with an infectious disease. It starts with a positive test and involves tracking down anyone that person had contact with so they can be informed they might have been infected.

While it is traditionally a labor-intensive process done by healthcare professionals, a SmartX Hub real-time safety platform is a tracking technology that can improve the process in the workplace by eliminating ambiguity.

Instead of trying to recall everyone with whom an infected person had close contact with while they may have been infectious, our Platform uses its breadcrumb trail capability to report all connections. By automating the contact tracing process, organizations gain accurate, up-to-date exposure lists. 

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Access Control

The system features AI-enabled facial recognition technology and can scan up to 20 people per minute and store over 30,000 faces in real-time and identify ‘as known’ or ‘as strangers.’ 

The AI scene analytics tool can detect scenarios such as an individual entering with or without a mask, detection of mask removal, and assess the number of people entering a building.

For ID verification, SmartX Terminals offers multi-factor authentication methods allowing enterprise or organization to assign different authentication protocols to different staff levels. While liveness detection to prevent fraud identity and additional dry contact from enabling more door or access control, private security can be strengthened.

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