Transform the industrial workplace through connected safety Technology

Keep your workforce safe and projects productive.

Enhance project performancecost-effectivesustainablecompliant with a workforce management platform

The solution delivers a constant flow of information from the connected worker and processes through an integrated, centralized, cross-organizational data and EHS management system.

Our Services

Certification Management

Add, manage, and track workforce and contractor certifications or licenses so your project is safe and compliant.


Make onboarding process and safety orientations simple and easy for projects. Customize your onboarding and orientation program with SmartX HUB.

Real-time location

See your entire fleet on a single screen with the live map view. Simply log in and valuable situational information from all your devices is available at your fingertips at once.

Lockout Tagout

Our LOTO management solution automates and standardizes the full life cycle of the Lockout-Tagout process based on customer rules and regulations.

Optimized responses

If an alert is received, easily view the type, status, and location in real-time to help quickly find a worker in distress and understand the hazards they face.

Emergency Management

Providing all the visuals, data and communication needed to shorten and contain all emergency situations.

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Fewer work accidents
Fewer work accidents
Employee safety engagement
Increased leading indicators

Tasks faster & safer with insights, alerts, and analytics

Our SaaS-based Connected Safety platform provides predictive AI-powered digital safety solutions, offering a real-time view of plant operations with advanced visualization and dynamic management of work activities and risks. It connects people, assets, sites, and workflows, integrating data from various systems, sensors, and human activities to deliver meaningful, actionable insights across the organization.

Efficiently manage your workforce and trade partners using safety wearables, smart sensors, and a workforce management platform.

Enhance workforce safety and productivity with smart badges & insights

Smartx HUB’s Connected Worker platform provides a comprehensive digital view of facility activities, integrating personal and process safety to safeguard operatives and critical assets. Offering a dynamic work environment with real-time communication and data, the Connected Worker solution ensures unique visualization and personalized routines to keep workers focused and attentive.

The Connected Worker solution enables real-time interaction and facilitates optimized decision-making by identifying risks and implementing corrective and preventive actions. This leads to enhanced safety and improved performance.

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