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Kiosks with Temperature Measurement & Facial Recognition
Temp Kiosk Office
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Fever Alarm
An alarm will sound, notifying users if their temperature reading exceeds 100.4° Fahrenheit or 37.8° Celsius to alert the user that they have a fever.
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Work With Mask
Using the most cutting-edge technology, the advanced 3D cameras have the capabilities still detect andread temperature of users wearing protective masks.
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Email/Text Notification Alert
Receive real time notifications if a person is detected to have high temperature. An email will immediately be sent out with the location, temperature reading and captured image.
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Access Control
Able to be connected with automatic doors, security systems, payroll or visitor management to restrict entry access to people who have a fever.

Implement a Company Track and Trace System

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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way in which we do things, and this includes workplace best practices.

Corporate professionals are now routinely wearing masks, sanitizing surfaces, and exercising social distancing measures as a new way of life and work.

One of these new, best practices is an effective track and trace system (or contact tracing system) that monitors who enters your building or room and helps to trace any individuals who have contracted the Coronavirus. This can help to break the chains of transmission of the Covid-19 virus and helps to reduce the spread.

The Smartx HUB’ temperature kiosk is a contactless device that measures an individual’s temperature in less than a second. Should their temperature be out of the normal range, the company can take immediate steps to prevent a possible outbreak in their building or facility.

A contact tracing system is now the norm for most businesses. 


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How to Implement a Company Track and Trace System

  • The Temperature Screening Kiosks, for example, can keep extensive logs of all personnel movements within a specific location such as a warehouse or an office headquarters. Data gathered through these machines can include date and time of entry, name of the employee, and a history of their body temperatures on any given day. 

    In the event of a positive test returned from an employee on-site, an employer can quickly and easily identify who else has been in the building that day and may have come into contact with that person. Then the employees concerned can be informed and instructed to get tested or self-isolate. This would work particularly well in a corporate office or industrial setting whereby the only individuals on-site would be either employees or pre-approved guests with sufficient information to be traced.    

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Personal Visibility and Safety

Automatically detecting a person with fever and sending immediate alerts.

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Reliable Access Control

Able to be connected with automatic doors, security systems, payroll or ticketing printers to restrict entry access to people who have a fever.

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Business Analytics

The SmartX HUB Data is updated in real-time, enabling dashboards that display real-time analytics. Users get fast insight into their data and can understand what’s going on in their world—right now.

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Time and Attendance

Time recording system is the ideal tool to collect and process data of employee.

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Location Workflow Monitoring

Enterprise-class system that centrally monitors workers in multiple locations and allows them to easily transfer between facilities.

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Developer API

The SmartX HUB APIs have been designed with the fundamental goal of providing customers with a connected solution with other systems to offer a seamless experience and reporting capability.

Real-Time Dashboard

The SmartX HUB cloud dashboard provides real-time insight and reporting. Accessible only by authorized administrative users, a full, up-to-date history of visitor, staff, and contractor activity is provided. Simple graphs display key information and tailored reports can be produced in a couple of clicks.

  • Get instant notifications if your Temperature Screening Kiosk detects someone with an abnormal temperature.
  • All data collected by device, smartphones or dashboard is stored securely in the cloud and encrypted at rest and in transfer.
  • Review and export, from your computer, all temperature records from the Kiosk.
  • In just a few simple steps, you can remotely adjust all settings on your Kiosk and get real-time data of the view from your Temperature Screening Kiosk.
  • Full logs including date and time of entry and temperature reading can be stored which enables fast and effective contact tracing. Companies can easily implement track and trace, finding out and notifying those who have been in the facilities on a certain day should an individual test positive for COVID-19.

How does the technology work?

  • These self-service Temperature Screening Kiosk have been helping companies operating on the frontlines and within key  industries to identify if staff members have a fever. These non-contact, fully-automated kiosks for industrial companies use facial-recognition technology and thermal sensors to determine the temperature of each employee and visitor.
  • Employees simply stand in front of the automated temperature-reading kiosk for less than a second, and the device will detect and record their temperature. If their temperature is higher than the threshold set, the kiosk will sound an alarm, deny entry to the premises (via gate, turnstile or door integration), and advise the employee to isolate to protect those around them.
  • The Temperature Screening Kiosk can also be utilized as a reminder to wear a mask when entering the premises. If an individual tries to enter without a mask on, it will present a notification instructing the individual to wear a mask, and they will need to re-scan.
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  • Temperature Verification
  • Mask detection
  • Door access integration
  • Elevated temperature alarm thresholds
  • Automatically detecting a person with fever and sending immediate alerts (e-mail and SMS)
  • Terminal Remote Configuration and Updates
  • Taking and storing pictures (on or off)
  • Access Control Data storage
  • Stranger alarm (on or off)
  • Three different relay modes and delays
  • User Profiles settings
  • Two Modes:
    – Stranger mode
    – Recognition mode (Facial)

Use cases

The Temperature Screening Kiosk is beneficial in any business or public environment, but is particularly ideal for entry points, access gates to buildings or public venues.

  • Factories
  • Schools Campuses
  • Building & Offices
  • Hotels
  • Transportation Hubs
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Walk-In Clinics
  • Sports Clubs
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Ensuring Workplace Health & Safety

  • Helps ensure the success of a return to work and health & safety program
  • Adherence to federal and state health recommendations
  • Completely touchless with no human assistance required
  • Ability to show employees they take the health and safety of their workforce serious
  • Workforce feels confident returning to work knowing that they are in a safe environment
  • Designed for reliability and ease of use 
  • Adjustable alert system based on custom triggers

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Smartx’s Temperature Screening Kiosk devices and software are developed for quick temperature screening of mass human traffic and alarm for abnormal temperature. This solution is not marketed or intended to be used as a medical device. This device does not determine the core body temperature of subjects. Actual core body temperature can only be determined using an approved clinical measurement device. Further medical inspection should be performed to confirm the screened and alarmed out people. For proper and effective use of SmartX Thermal products, please contact us [email protected].

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